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Middle Atlantic
Vision Display Mounts and In-Wall Box (video)

Hub Collaboration Furniture by Middle Atlantic (video)

Middle Atlantic
Labor Saving (video)

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Lines by Territory
Northern CA/NV
Southern CA/NV

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Mid Atlantic
Data & Broadcast Reps
Racks, Cabinets, Technical Furniture
and Accessories for the
Converged Technology Markets
Fiber Optic and Ethernet
transmission products in both
hardened and premises packages.
Seneca speco technologies
Servers, Workstations and Storage
devices optimized for video
management system (VMS).
Manufactured in the USA
Making IP Easy
A full line of IP & Analog Cameras,
NVRs, DVRs, Exclusive Intensifier IP®
Cameras, Monitors, etc
BlueWave Security
Solid IP-Based Access Control System
providing complete end-to-end
system from door hardware
through the network infrastructure
Made in the USA

Solutions for networking, identifying
and managing wire, cable
and components

Mag Daddy The Light Connection
Ultra-strong rare earth magnets for Wire
Cablemanagement. Magnetic J Hooks,
Bridle Rings, Cable Tie Mount,
Cable Holders & patent pending
Armor cable, micro-distribution,
distribution, indoor/outdoor,
ribbon cable, tight buffer, breakout cable,
custom capabilities
Made in the USA
Installer Friendly Voice & Data
connectivity solutions, Home
Theater & HDMI accessories,
and Low Voltage Cable Plates
Download our line card - AZ, Northern CA/NV, Southern CA/NV