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FIBER OPTIC CONNECTIVITY & ETHERNET PRODUCTS ---- ComNet fiber optic and copper-based transmission equipment is in use globally in a variety of markets and in demanding applications. ComNet serves the industrial security market with products used for the transmission of high quality video, audio, and serial and Ethernet data; many of these products are utilized in numerous applications for the transmission of CCTV video for surveillance, and data for access control and mission-critical/extreme reliability fire alarm systems, in a variety of network configurations and architectures. We also serve the growing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market with environmentally-ruggedized transmission equipment that is widely used for traffic signalization systems and variable message sign (VMS) control; CCTV video for roadside surveillance and incident detection, and video detection systems (VDS). The industrial control/factory automation market is supported with ruggedized Ethernet, serial data, video, and EoVDSL (Ethernet over VDSL) transmission products.


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